Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Understanding the Incarnation

How can we know that we are understanding the truth of God and the Incarnation in our lives?

We can show we understand by living a Christian life. We are called to be a city set on a hill & a light for all nations. We have been justified through Christ's death on the cross. We are being sanctified through the work of the Holy Spirit now. And we will one day be glorified with God the Father.

Right now, we are being made sanctified. We are living the Christian life. To show we truly understand the Incarnation, we must have a completely different attitude towards sin. We should entirely reject it. We are saints. Maybe not the best of saints. But we are saints living for Christ. We are called to be a living sacrifice.

Not only should we live the Christian life, but we are also commanded by Jesus to spread the gospel. We are told to share our Faith with others. We are called to do this. We have a living hope and should live a life that glorifies the Father above. Even in times of suffering, we must remember that we can share in Christ's sufferings and will, likewise, be resurrected with Him. What have we to fear? God is with us. Who can come against us? We have a living hope. This life is not ALL that we have.

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