Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Odyssey of Homer

Here is a basic outline of the book the Odyssey of Homer. This is one of my favorite books that we have gone through so far. It's amazing to see the whole different world that our ancestor's lived in, and what they thought about everything, is eye opening!

After being trapped on Kalypso’s Island for 10 years, Odysseus finally gets away. He meets the Phaiikan king and recalls all his adventures after the Trojan War-the Cyclopes, lotus eaters, the cattle of Helios, Scylla etc…

In the meantime his house is being invaded by men who wish to pay court to his faithful wife, Penelope. She continually refuses them and they continue to eat his house and home out. Telemachos, Odysseus’s son is growing up during all this and begins to wander where his father is. So he goes on a search only to come home and find his father returned. The return of Odysseus results in a killing of the suitors and a restoring of peace to all!

-Kaila Anderson

Monday, January 21, 2008


Hello everyone! We will be starting Omnibus pretty soon! We haven't done it for a long time and I'm really excited to get back to it! God bless!