Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saint Augustine - Confessions

Recently, we have been reading through St. Augustine's Confessions. It is just an amazing book. There are so many golden nuggets in this book. Here are just a few quotes.

"But you are the life of souls, the life of lives. You live, O life of my soul, because you are life itself, immutable." -Book III

"[M]en are so blind, that they even take pride in their blindness." -Book III

"Entrust to Him whatever you have, for all that you have is from Him. Now, at last, tired of being misled, entrust to the Truth all that the Truth has given to you and nothing will be lost. All that is withered in you will be made to thrive again. All your sickness will be healed. Your mortal body will be refashioned and renewed and firmly bound to you, and when it dies it will not drag you with it to the grave, but will endure and abide with you before God, who abides and endures for ever." -Book IV

"O God, you who are so high above us and yet so close, hidden and yet always present, you have not parts, some greater and some smaller. You are everywhere, and everywhere you are entire. Nowhere are you limited by space. You have not the shape of a body like ours. Yet you made man in your own likeness, and man is plainly in space from head to foot." -Book VI


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